Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tommy Doyle's, Thanksgiving Eve

Tommy Doyle's
The ineffable Sean Connor
Quiet night at Tommy's. The good news was, there were plenty of parking spaces in Harvard Square tonight because everybody was either out of town or home baking pies. For the most part, it was Sean and Yours Truly for most of the session, and Liam came towards the end, in time for the last few tunes. Oh well, it's not quantity, but rather, quality, as they say. It was a pleasure and an honor to play one-on-one with Sean, hanging on for dear life on my fiddle and accompanying him on bouzouki, and catching at least a couple of tunes with the two of them - love you guys.

The above photo was taken with the G12 at 3200 ISO, slightly complicated by the fact that LR3 does not support RAW files from the G12. But at least I know I can come up with some recognizable image with this camera, even in the darkest situation, and yes, it is very dark in Tommy's, so this was a good test for this camera, only hours old at the time (I have since downloaded LR3.3, which does support the G12's RAW files).
(PS, please don't let the empty beer glass next to my fiddle give you the wrong impression...)
Below: Harvard Square at 3200 ISO.

Harvard Square

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