Friday, January 21, 2011

The Tinker's Son, Norwell, January 19, 2011

My travel schedule this week allowed me to stop at Stuart and Laura's session at The Tinker's Son on Wednesday night, which makes for a long trip back to Boston, but well worth it. It's always a pleasure to see and play with Stuart, but I did miss Laura (who was reportedly off tending to her students at a school concert). The music was brilliant, I might add, a different sub-set of tunes - new to me, anyway - the tunes, as always, being determined by the ever-changing configuration of musicians and instruments, which on this night included, in addition to the folks I perceived to be the regulars (my brilliant conclusion, based on my attending a total of two times): two Kevins, one on pipes and flute, the other on box, and Rose Clancy on fiddle. I first met Rose and piper/flutist Kevin back at Paddy Barry's, what now feels like many sessions ago, but was actually only last winter/spring, so it was fun to see them again. I love this aspect of the music, the "small world" feeling. I miss Paddy's - kind of a wild and woolly place; loud, with a preponderance of stumbling drunks, but that was half the fun. After all, Paddy's was my first intro to the Irish Seisiun. In some ways, Paddy's will always be my foundation, the standard upon which I measure every other session.

All shot with G12/RAW/manual/f2.8@3o/ISO 3200. I've reached my limit with this low-light/noisy style of photography and will soon be making some changes...

I post the videos, below, not with the idea that I am any kind of videographer (but I would love to learn this medium, not that I need another project in my life - ha ha), but more as an aid to learning the tunes.

The Tinker's Son
Kevin Quinn, Rose Clancy, Stuart Peak, and North American bodhran champ, Peter Smith. With the old pews and the stained glass, it's a little like being in a church-pub, which is as good a combination as any, I suppose. Besides, the playing of music with friends is surely as good as any religion.

The Tinker's Son
Kevin and Rose.

The Tinker's Son
Kevin and Kevin.

The Tinker's Son

The Tinker's Son
Rose and Stuart.


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