Friday, April 15, 2011

Tommy Doyle's, Thursday Night, April 14, 2011

Untitled from Sara Piazza on Vimeo.

Above is a short clip from Tommy Doyle's, featuring Sean Connor. Sean, as always, manages to shine through the din.

I showed up at Tommy's on Thursday night and found perfect light and great music, but I accidentally started shooting with the G12 before I formatted my card so I ran out of memory. The only way to free up the card would have been to format, thereby losing this gem, so I called it quits for the night, video-wise, anyway. The 5D took over for the rest of the evening for the stills.

It was a great night at Tommy's. I'm glad we're back downstairs. I didn't like the acoustics, or the layout, upstairs. The light downstairs is now fantastic, early in the evening, anyway - and a great relief after suffering through the dark winter, now past, thank God.

A few favorites from the evening (I really love you guys - you're beautiful - thanks for putting up with me and my camera):


  1. Interesting to compare the colour with the black & white shots.
    Somehow there is more impact with the B&W shots, which somehow appear to be timeless.

  2. Dick, I quite agree, and is the reason I lean towards the BW.