Sunday, January 15, 2012

Farewell to a Friend

I learned last night that last week's sessions at Tommy Doyle's in Harvard Square are to be the last. Sad, but remember, we did find each other again after the demise of the sessions at Paddy Barry's and then the Banshee, so I'm sure we will rise again (like the Maryellen Carter) - who knows where.

In tribute to all the great times at Tommy's, I've made this little slide show - from audio and photography from Thursday night, January 5, 2012.

Gonna miss that place.


  1. SO Sad Sara -

    But the world's still turning, last time I looked-

    Keep You Guy's Look'n ya hear all,, xxxooxxx

  2. Oh dear...that's super sad. And I missed the last sessions because of a cold. Alex

  3. We had some good times there. I won't miss the wobbly table, that stupid video game, or the tiny portions of food they serve. What I will miss is the gang, but I'll be seeing y'all tonight at the Briar. --Fiddling Fool

  4. Fool - wish I could be there with you tonight but alas, I am stranded on a not-so-tropical island. Play a couple for me :-)

  5. Say it isn't so... Where will I go for tunes when I come to Boston?


  6. I know we tune junkies will find other ways to connect... see you at the Briar, I hope! Rosanne

  7. Alex - I missed the last two, also. Goes to show (a reminder for me, anyway), best to appreciate everything we've got, you never know when things will change. God, sure had some good times there! Lori - stay tuned, we'll re-group, for sure. Rosanne - alas, I am hardly ever around on Monday nights and I sure do enjoy those 'Briar seisiuns!