Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday Night at the Littlest

Last night was one of those rare and wonderful Saturday evenings downtown. The city streets were bustling with people, out and about, enjoying each other as well the clear spring air and late afternoon light, and the session down at the Littlest featured many friends I would hope to meet up with for tunes. The pub was filled with a festive spirit (somebody had the birthday song sung to him at least three times that I could count), as well as random friends - the regulars - but also David's parents, Woody and Susie, were up from the Vineyard, and my life-long childhood friend Cooky stopped in, with Joe (Cooky and I grew up across the street from each other in Edgartown).

After the Littlest I made my way down to Quincy, to hear Sean Brennan sing at my old stomping ground, Paddy Barry's (my first session, ever, was at Paddy's - I loved that place).

It was a great session, a great performance by Sean (and loved seeing and chatting with various Henrys) and a great Saturday night - perfect in every way.

Here's a little footage: three reels. Musicians include Rosanne, Liam, David, Alex, Sally, Brendan, Maureen, Arnie, Greg, and I even managed to jump in at the end for Bucks of Oranmore (and to the people who kid me and say, "Oh, I'd love to see you photograph and play at the same time," I will say, this is not so far-fetched, folks).


  1. Wish I coulda been there to stomp on those venerable floorboards with you guys. --the Fiddling Fool

  2. Fool - I look forward to stomping on floorboards - venerable or otherwise - sometime soon.