Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tommy Doyle's 12/22/10

Text Rec'd from friend: Tunes tonight?
Reply: Desperately need tunes.

Still struggling - photographically, that is - with the dark cave that is Tommy Doyle's. All shot at ISO 3200, between 30th - 40th sec @ 2.8. Shooting in RAW format does allow me to recover an image that is even 2 full stops underexposed - all processed, including some noise-reduction, in LR3 - but I think these have crossed over into the realm of art. I rather like them, nonetheless.

Tommy Doyle's
Rosanne, Jon.

Tommy Doyle's
Sean Connor

Tommy Doyle's
Sean, Rosanne, Jon, Cormac, Eric.

Tommy Doyle's
"Christmas Eve"

There's medicine in the music.
I'd love to know the names of these tunes - one of Cormac's brilliant sets.


  1. Really enjoyed the fiddle/guitar duo with Jon, love that Arty McGlynn style...Merry Christmas all

  2. I also loved the fiddle/guitar duo - good stuff!